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The Noblis Autonomous Systems Research Center Presents

Systems of Autonomous Machines:
Challenges and Opportunities

The Noblis Autonomous Systems Research Center recently held a virtual event to share demonstrations from our Autonomy lab and host a panel discussion of leading government and academic leaders who addressed the challenges and opportunities of systems of autonomous machines.

Topic demonstrations from the Noblis Autonomous Systems Laboratory illustrating key challenges in autonomous systems such as multi-machine sensor fusion, shared situational awareness, collective maneuver and action planning, humans in-the-loop/over-the-loop and machine trust. Our panel of invited experts discussed topics including current approaches for ensuring efficient operations of multiple autonomous machines, ad-hoc versus purpose-built machine-teaming strategies, human-Machine team interface and control and cybersecurity considerations in self-organizing autonomous systems.

Watch Videos of the Event

Meet the Panel

image of Kate Hartman

Kate Hartman
Chief – Research, Evaluation & Program Management, ITS Joint Program Office, U.S. Department of Transportation

photo of Greg Hays

Gregory L. Hays
Director Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation, U.S. Navy / NIWC Atlantic

image of Andy Lacher

Andy Lacher
Chief Technologist for Future Airspace Operations – Intelligent Flight Systems, NASA Langley Research Center

image of Dr. Kaan Ozbay

Dr. Kaan Ozbay
Professor, Department of Civil and Urban Engineering and Center for Urban Sciences, New York University

image of road system with moving carsNoblis’ Orchestrated Autonomy Capability and Research

The Noblis autonomy concept orchestrates the motions and actions of unfamiliar, connected and autonomous machines making them safer, more productive and more equitable. Learn more and see videos of the concept in action.

Noblis was awarded a patent for a system for collectively optimizing cooperative actions among autonomous connected machines. The system was invented by Dr. Karl Wunderlich, Noblis Autonomy Research Center lead. Read the press release.

headshot of Karl Wunderlich

Podcast: How Blockchain Can Streamline Logistics – with Dr. Karl Wunderlich

In case you missed it, Dr. Karl Wunderlich, Noblis director of surface transportation and autonomy research center lead, spoke about “how blockchain can streamline logistics” on the Down To Freight Podcast series. Listen to the full episode.

Ad with podcast series title "tackling government challenges through science and technology" a Federal News Network Podcast Series, sponsored by NoblisNoblis is the exclusive sponsor of a podcast series produced by Federal News Network (FNN)/WTOP.

This series titled, “Tackling Government Challenges through Science and Technology,” features interviews with technology and innovation leaders from civilian and defense organizations within the federal government. Find the podcast series and further insights on the Noblis FNN microsite.

Autonomous Vehicles

The first episode in the series featured Captain Pete Small, U. S. Navy, program manager for Unmanned Maritime Systems discussing the Navy’s aims and strategies for vessels without crews on board. Listen on demand >