DOWNLOAD: Versatile Ontology Research (VÖR) Tool

Textual data collections must be harvested, enriched, and visualized to fully understand potential threats. What if there were a tool available to help you find the most salient piece of data in real time to help you write your reports?

Noblis fused our background in data science, machine learning, and intuitive user interfaces with real world input from analysts to solve the unstructured data problem facing a variety of different missions. By creating the ability to rapidly search large volumes of text with advanced visualization and interactive design, determining trends, finding connections, and reaching conclusions from disparate data sets is far more attainable. Noblis’ answer is VÖR (Versatile Ontology Research): a visualization-enriched, context specific, unstructured data exploration tool, created by analysts for analysts, that empowers the analytic mission.

VÖR is a Noblis-developed natural language processing and visualization application suite for quickly processing open source taxonomy information and determining trends, connections, and conclusions from your data. It is an adaptable, customizable, and user-friendly tool that fuses data science and analysis into one technology.

VÖR addresses several fundamental challenges any analyst has:

  • Collecting and aggregating unstructured data from large numbers of online sources and organizational document rich databases
  • Presenting the information from unstructured data sources in an easy-to-use interface along with visualizations that allow analysts to identify trends, derive insights, and make decisions
  • Suggest non-obvious connections and trends that analysts might miss
  • Enable customizable displays that support highly tailored content toward the analyst mission