Automate Your Fleet Readiness: AN/SYM-3(V), Condition-Based Maintenance System

As the U.S. Navy’s fleet has advanced in technological complexity, maintenance planned on a periodic basis alone is no longer sufficient. Nearly every aspect of a ship now requires continuous monitoring and proactive action, including combat systems, hull, mechanical and electrical components and their sub-components. Even with recent technological advancements, the onboard ship diagnostics systems lack the ability to remotely access logs for comprehensive ship health using predictive analytics.

The ADEPT Distance Support Sensor Suite (ADSSS) has received Army-Navy Nomenclature as AN/SYM-3(V) and fulfills the needs for localized sensing coupled with remote data collection for deterministic and predictive modeling–ultimately providing maintainers, logisticians and analysts with data to understand systems’ health and tools to proactively prevent system failures.