Integrating Air Force Distributed Common Ground System Platform Technology

The Challenge

The Air Force DCGS System Program Office needed to integrate three ITIL Service Transition processes into the U.S. Air Force Blue Baseline target configuration for Open Architecture to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the AF DCGS enterprise. A process testing methodology had to be developed and implemented, and a team with cohesive knowledge of ITIL service management processes and associated tools needed to be assembled. AF DCGS had several challenges with this task. A variety of different process models were used by program staff members which affected cohesiveness. Many staff were also new to the ITIL service management framework, and there was a limited window of time to develop a solution.

The Vision

The program office sought to streamline processes and reduce the time required to deliver new capabilities and improvements to the warfighter. The client also wanted to improve and expand the ability to manage and track change across the AF DCGS enterprise.

The Noblis Qualifier

The team at Noblis ESI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Noblis, had comprehensive knowledge of the platform technology processes that the AF DCGS client needed to integrate and a unique collaborative approach to ensure a seamless integration.

The Solution

Noblis ESI’s team partnered with the Air Force to integrate new processes and tools into the Blue Baseline.  Our collaborative methodology provided a ‘live-view’ of the steps, roles and interactions of the three processes. New asset management tools were automated and aligned to function seamlessly with updated Service Asset and Configuration Management, Change Management, and Release Management processes.

Noblis ESI’s partnership with the Air Force resulted in the time for changes to the AF DCGS enterprise to be reduced by more than 30%. Automation has increased the ease of overall management, and ensured accurate Configuration Management with the ability to identify, control, record, report, audit and verify service assets. The implementation of new processes enhanced the ability to protect the integrity of service assets and configuration items through the service lifecycle by ensuring only authorized components are used and only authorized changes are made to the weapon system.

The Future

This award-winning methodology has become a preferred method for the development and demonstration of new processes not only throughout the C2ISR Division, but also across multiple ISR systems and program offices. Our solution has been applied to other stages of the ITIL transition, such as the Incident Management and Request Fulfillment processes. In the future, Noblis can leverage this methodology for any client process deliverables that require rigorous testing.