Enterprise IT, Systems Engineering and Cyber

Upholding Information Dominance for Enterprise Transformation and Warfighter Success

Today’s battlefields span virtual worlds, and the defense community requires extreme vigilance to secure and proactively manage cyber transactions. Noblis MSD’s information technology teams, systems engineering and cyber specialists help clients manage complex systems and drive total enterprise functionality.

We understand the operational aspects of our clients’ challenges and provide expertise in transformation disciplines that go beyond theory to provide practical guidance. We examine current assets and long-term goals and objectives of the organization, which creates a more holistic, supportive approach. These enterprise improvements ensure greater user acceptance and facilitate the change-management efforts critical to defense enterprise transformation.

Core Strengths

  • Architecture Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • Requirements Development
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Why Noblis MSD?

Noblis MSD is force multiplier for our clients and their missions. Our engineers, analysts and programmers create strategic solutions, driven by both experience and innovation, to help our clients reach new levels of mission support and transform their organizations. Our team is large enough to scale for any project, yet nimble and ready to help advance the most critical missions.

As a Noblis subsidiary, Noblis MSD applies innovative thinking and inventions to challenges. We transform new and novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency. Our Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) program is driven by government missions and fuels solutions to our Nation’s most critical challenges. Our yearly investment in this program, along with our ethical practices, is part of what makes us a unique organization and helps us generates sound, sustainable solutions with enduring impacts.

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