Acquisition Modernization and Sustainment Readiness

Innovative Solutions to the Challenges of Sustainment and Modernization

With a core mission for its fleet to remain deployable and combat ready, the Navy equips today’s ships with the latest technologies and systems while striving to keep ownership costs at a minimum. Through acquisition and planned sustainment and modernization efforts, Navy programs are delivering enhanced capabilities and extended service life to its ships.

Noblis MSD offers innovative solutions to the challenges of acquisition modernization and sustainment readiness by bridging the gap between executive guidance and practical operational approaches. We deliver both hands-on experience and strategic expertise throughout sustainment and modernization processes.

Core Strengths

  • Fleet Introduction
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Ship and Shore installation
  • System Modernization

Why Noblis MSD?

Noblis MSD is force multiplier for our clients and their missions. Our engineers, analysts and programmers create strategic solutions, driven by both experience and innovation, to help our clients reach new levels of mission support and transform their organizations. Our team is large enough to scale for any project, yet nimble and ready to help advance the most critical missions.

As a Noblis subsidiary, Noblis MSD applies innovative thinking and inventions to challenges. We transform new and novel ideas and inventions into practical, sustainable solutions that increase mission performance and efficiency. Our Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) program is driven by government missions and fuels solutions to our Nation’s most critical challenges. Our yearly investment in this program, along with our ethical practices, is part of what makes us a unique organization and helps us generates sound, sustainable solutions with enduring impacts.

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