OptiSourceTM by Noblis MSD

Improving Readiness with Advanced Modeling and Simulation

Noblis MSD provides strategic schedule modeling of drydocking and other maintenance periods for surface ship fleet—which includes approximately 160-200 ships and 600-800 dockings—looking out over a 30-year period. Noblis MSD looks to further enable stakeholders to expedite decision making, workload forecasting and optimize maintenance scheduling in a common data operating environment.

The Challenge

Drydock and facility availability information, workforce allocation and maintenance schedules are managed by multiple stakeholders using varying reporting methods. However, the information is interdependent, and in need of a more integrated view that can provide data in real time.

The Solution

Noblis MSD developed OptiSourceTM with maintenance availability and drydock optimization capabilities and tools which include decision support. Built on advanced modeling and simulation, Noblis MSD’s OptiSource integrates stand-alone data sources and disparate files semantically into a comprehensive maintenance dashboard to deploy in existing and cloud IT environments. This automated and integrated decision-support tool enables data-driven decisions in a fraction of the time than it has previously taken to provide accurate information quickly for improving forecasting, scenario planning and overall fleet optimization and readiness.