Fact Verification with Good and Grounded Generation (G3)

Fact Verification with Good and Grounded Generation (G3)

Noblis is building responsible and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that enable trust and transparency in state-of-the-art and emerging technologies. Good and Grounded Generation (G3) is an emerging Noblis approach to counter the threat of misinformation generated by large ...
White Paper: The Noblis Data Lakehouse

The Noblis Data Lakehouse

Delivering faster, better insights and accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) growth

The Challenge

Organizations need data management—ingestion, transformation, storage and serving—to fully leverage their data. Separate from relational database management systems, which are optimized for online transaction processing (such as ...
Noblis Field-Portable DNA Sequencing Solution

DNA Sequencing in the Field – Expanding the Potential of DNA Analysis to Improve Health, Science and National Security

Rapid, accurate biological threat identification is critical for making informed decisions that protect our nation. DNA sequencing – the process of “reading” a sample’s genetic blueprint – is the ...