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Noblis Field-Portable DNA Sequencing Solution

DNA Sequencing in the Field – Expanding the Potential of DNA Analysis to Improve Health, Science and National Security

Rapid, accurate biological threat identification is critical for making informed decisions that protect our nation. DNA sequencing – the process of “reading” a sample’s genetic blueprint – is the ...
Noblis Field-Portable DNA Sequencing Solution

The Problem

Our Approach

In mission-critical applications such as biosurveillance—the tracking and detection of potentially harmful biological agents for national defense and public health missions—time is everything. Noblis has developed an end-to-end field-portable genetic sequencing and analysis system to decrease response times. The Noblis research team’s solution (depicted in Figure 1):
  • Enables rapid ...
DOWNLOAD: Versatile Ontology Research (VÖR)

Textual data collections must be harvested, enriched, and visualized to fully understand potential threats. What if there were a tool available to help you find the most salient piece of data in real time to help you write your reports?

Noblis fused our background in data science, machine ...